Yosemite National Park - 3

Yosemite is an icon for photographers all over the world. The landscape defines the American national park. Ansel Adamas photographed this park with such love and dedication that you can not easily get a new image out of here without a nostalgic feeling. Yosemite is also a park of waterfalls. You can find water flowing in some capacity... from enormous heights to small trickles, everywhere. This park is also mobbed with tourists and visitors on their own quests for a piece of history. It like climbing to the top of the Empire State Building in NYC. If you go to California, you visit Yosemite. If you go to Glacier Point... and its a must! Be aware that weather can change within minutes and you may get trapped or stranded in any part of the park due to weather conditions. Prepare accordingly. Take all your photo gear as this park demands it.

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