Winter is a hard time to travel and to get out and explore nature. Add to that the remoteness of natural locations, the frozen, icy roads and short days. You have to move fast and move deliberately thru the landscape to safely encounter the scenes you will see below. 
Entering Wyoming and reaching up to Jackson in the winter is an amazing experience on roads that are mostly empty during days that can be dark and gloomy. Jackson, WY is a perfect winter destination. The town has all services you may need. Get up early in the morning... in the darkness of night and pull out on to the road. Get to the footprint of the Tetons at first light to see the pink sunrise on the tips of the tits. 
Carefully drive around on the snowy roads in the area to find bison, bear, bald eagles and old homesteads waiting to be respectfully viewed. Enjoy the XL ice crystals as they gleam in the light.

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