There is a magical piece of protected land on the Utah-Arizona border in the USA called Vermilion Cliffs managed by the US Bureau of Land Management. Within this area is a feature which is even more heavily protected, called Coyote Butte North and nick named THE WAVE. You have enter a lottery to get to the Wave. Normally there are 100 or more people vying for 10 permits to visit this sacred destination on any day. I have been lucky enough to get a permit at first try, not once but twice! 
The hike to the Wave is not trivial unless you are in good physical shape. The landscape is harsh and the beauty of the land will overwhelm you very quickly. So stay calm, take deep breaths (high altitude sickness alert!) and go slowly so you don't get lost or miss the beauty of this land.
You will need a very good camera, wide angle and normal lenses as well as a waterproof warm jacket (regardless of the weather,) plenty of water, snacks, a sandwich and a tripod to do justice to the scenes you will encounter on this trip.

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